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There’s a place for everyone at Local Start Dental. Community partners welcomed.


“There is so much unmet need for affordable dental care in Durham. The limitation is not demand, but resources.”

Elizabeth Brill

Executive Director, Samaritan Health Center

From Local Start Dental’s inception, we have sought to build relationships with other area non-profits, believing that our reach and impact goes farther when we’re working together. We are proud to have already begun working with the following organizations (check them out – they do incredible work in the community!):

We are situated in the heart of the Triangle, with North Carolina Central University, Duke Community Health, the UNC Adams School of Dentistry, and Durham Tech all in close proximity to the clinic, and we desire to partner with these institutions. UNC Adams School of Dentistry is a founding partner of Local Start Dental. Third year and fourth year dental students will take clinic rotations onsite to learn denture techniques and gain in-depth, live-surgery experience. In collaboration with Project Access, Duke Community Health will help ensure proper health screenings before surgery. This enables Local Start Dental to function as an important frontline access point for basic health screening and to make sure underlying health issues are addressed.

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