Our Board

Thank you to the team that has helped make Local Start Dental a reality.

Local Start Dental

Durham Community dentists

Dr. Mark Scurria, Chairman
Dr. Desiree Palmer
Dr. Vincent Allison
Dr. Julie Byerley

 Local Start Staff

Doug Brown, Volunteer President
Dr. Mahmoud Serag, Clinical Director 


Paul Gardner
Dr. Lisa De Saxe Zerden
Dr. Wendy Clark


Dr. Alec Parker (advisor, NCDS)
Lisa Ward (advisor, NCDS)


Dr. Joe DiSimone

UAB/THE Foundry

Dr. Mike McCracken

Affordable Care

Tomm Sharpe
Gene Kirtser
Dr. Anthony Naranja
Matt Stringer
Kathie Woehrmann
Paul Rizzardi
Will Sharpe
Jim Smyros

Local Start Advisory Council

Dr. Dan Driskill
Dr. Tim Godsey
Dr. Jim Hoke
Dr. Shaina Holman
Dr. Linda Levin
Dr. Frances McClure
Dr. Nicole Messenger
Dr. Lionel Nelson
Dr. Uday Reebye
Mr. Conrad Rensburg
Dr. Samantha Robles
Dr. Andy Ruvo
Dr. Grant Service
Dr. Otis Washington
Dr. Jeffrey West


Susan Ross
Ann Simpson
Elizabeth Hopkins

Allieway Marketing

Allie Balling
Meredith Martindale
Jade Streifert

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There’s a place for everyone to partner with us as we seek to meet a major community need and restore smiles, health, and confidence for all members of our community and make our vision an accessible reality. Join us!

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