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We seek to bridge a serious gap in dental care by using advanced training, and to eventually scale the clinic into a regional dental education and treatment center. We believe this service-and-training model is a unique and powerful combination that offers synergistic solutions to complex problems, as well as a sustainable revenue plan that will lessen the need to depend solely on philanthropic assistance. So how does it work? 

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Clinic and Facility

Our innovative, modern dental clinic is located on the ground floor of the new Willard Street Apartments, a Self-Help Credit Union affordable housing project in downtown Durham.

The clinic utilizes the latest dental technology, such as 3D printed dentures, which reduce the cost and time required for tooth replacement services while providing a prosthetic that is functionally superior to those made using traditional processes.

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It features:

5,000 square foot facility
State-of-the-art technology
Carbon 3D printer for dentures
Cone Beam Imaging
Dentrix Enterprise Practice Management System
Digital design of prostheses
10 operatories
Dental and design laboratories
Classroom space


Education and Training

Advanced professional development and clinical education training sessions for experienced dentists from North Carolina and around the country. Onsite, dentists will expand their skills under the close guidance of nationally recognized specialist educators (prosthodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons).

North Carolina is one of only three states where dentists with out-of-state licenses can learn while providing volunteer services.

As the clinic reaches full capacity, we expect that Affordable Care, LLC, a dental support organization based in Morrisville, NC, will offer advanced clinical education training sessions to its 600 affiliated dentists from around the country. Their early advisory support for the clinic’s start up, financial contributions, and ongoing tuition payment through their affiliated dentists will enable financial sustainability. We’re excited to welcome all dentists—Affordable Care LLC affiliated and independent—to hone their skills and participate in our professional development offerings.

“Local Start Dental aspires to deliver needed dental services while being a leader in tooth replacements and implants. Our care model supports this vision, and I’m excited about how we will be able to advance the skills of dentists while offering the very best care to local patients”

Dr. Mark Scurria

Chairman of the Local Start Dental Board

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